An Analysis of the different kinds of Anxiety Disorders

types of anxiety disorders

A person has a million reasons as to why he or she can be anxious and there isn’t a single human being on this planet, who hasn’t ever experienced anxiety. Just because a person becomes anxious or panics about a situation, he or she isn’t weak or without confidence. People can become anxious before an exam, an interview, before an important meeting or while making important life altering decisions. However, when the anxiety reaches a level where the affected person can’t function properly and carry out their day to day tasks, that’s when it becomes a problem that needs to be immediately addressed. Anxiety, in general, occurs due to imbalances in the chemicals in the brain and events that can trigger anxiety are plenty which needs to be analyzed in depth. read more


Reasons that bring about anxiety

causes of anxiety disorders

Observing that anxiety disorder is a prevalent problem across the world, one should also be able to realize that the reasons why a person can be impacted by the disorder are plenty as well. Generally, anxiety can be seen as a response to factors from the outside. But a negative outlook of the world can also cause a person to develop anxiety from within. One should also understand that anxiety disorder is an umbrella term referring to plenty of other disorders as well, so causes for each of them may vary. However, some common causes of anxiety can be broadly classified as environmental, medical, drug abuse, genetics and the chemistry of the brain. read more


Means to reduce anxiety without medications

anxiety treatment without medications

As the causes for anxiety are numerous, so are the treatment methods to help the sufferers of the disorder, overcome it. The affected person must comprehensively know what the reason was that made him or her develop an anxiety disorder and what kind of anxiety disorder are they troubled by. Only by understanding the exact cause can the disorder be tackled as treatment methods vary depending on the kinds of anxiety disorder and the cause of it.

Non-medicinal remedies for anxiety disorder

If an individual has anxiety as a result of environmental causes, like anxiety created by work pressures, relationship problems or familial issues, then that individual must try to sort the anxiety creating problems or make himself capable enough to be unperturbed by the pressures of everyday living. If it is as a result of trauma due to some past negative event, then the affected individual must try to find ways to get over those traumatic events. This can of course not be done by the patient themselves and they will definitely need the assistance of a psychiatrist. read more


Klonopin or Valium- Which is the better solution for Anxiety?

klonopin vs valium

Numerous treatment methods exist to help people suffering from anxiety disorders like psychiatric therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy or (CBT), family therapy and more. Physical exercises, relaxation techniques, a well-balanced diet and proper sleep habits can all help fight anxiety. However medications are also available that can do a more effective job, though only for a short duration. Among the medications given for anxiety disorders, Klonopin and Valium are two very popular drugs that have shown great promise in effectively bringing down anxiety. Different medical practitioners prefer different medications for different reasons and it would be easy to judge which is better, by learning in depth about each of those wonder pills. read more


How to know if you have anxiety disorder?

Anxiety is a commonly experienced emotion that can happen to anyone, anytime. It can happen before making a speech in front of a lot of people, it can occur when there are profession related problems, it can happen when a loved one is in trouble of some nature and it will obviously and understandably occur when there is a threat to a person’s physical health. But for some others, anxiety might reach to such highs that they could no longer function normally. The anxiety can be so frequent and so forceful, that the affected individual cannot peacefully and happily live his or her life. Figuring out if a person has normal levels of anxiety or if the anxiety has transformed into a disorder is something that the sufferer themselves might not always be able to recognize. Identifying the signs and symptoms is the first step towards acknowledging the problem and figuring out ways to overcome. read more