Branded medications are almost of the highest priced commodities of health care system. Compared to the entire world, Americas pay a great price for prescription medication like Klonopin. Most other countries bargain with the drug manufacturers to lower the price of Klonopin in their countries. Canada is one such country whose health care system is centralized and the drug prices are monitored by the government. People can save hefty sum of money by buying Klonopin from a Canadian online pharmacy.

The reason for cost savings

The first reason why Canadian online pharmacies have Klonopin at a low price is because, as mentioned before, prescription medications are as it is low in Canada owing to type of health care system in the country. But online pharmacies in Canada have even low prices because, with many people from different countries looking to buy Klonopin on the internet, these pharmacies have a huge customer base. They can easily lower the price of Klonopin and still enjoy a profit because Canadian online pharmacies are some of the most trusted pharmacies online. There are so popular to an extent that many other pharmacies masquerade themselves as Canadian pharmacies just to make sales. Other reason for low price is that they do not have to own a physical store like retail stores and maintain a huge staff which amounts to a hell lot of expenditure.

Price difference of Klonopin in Canadian pharmacies and other pharmacies        

The price of Klonopin in retail stores like Walmart, Kmart and Kroger pharmacy is about $5 for 0.5 mg, $5.5 for Klonopin 1mg and $6.7 to $8 for Klonopin 2 mg. In Canadian online pharmacies you will only pay a maximum of $1.5 to $2 for a single pill. Online pharmacies from Canada also have generic Klonopin which is called as clonazepam and the price of generic Klonopin is even lower than this. For frequent users of Klonopin the price savings can be really high and they no longer need to skip their most needed medication just on monetary issues.    

Can your import Klonopin from Canada legally?

The rules for importing Klonopin depend on the regulations of a particular country. In United States, the FDA has clearly stated that it is against importing any drugs that are currently available in the US market. But they generally turn a blind eye towards importation of Klonopin for personal use. They have bigger fish to fry than confiscating medications of people with serious medical conditions who are looking to save some money on their prescription costs. In the worst case FDA will just hold the parcel until you show a valid prescription for it.

If you make the order from reputable online pharmacies, if the packet gets misplaced most of them are happy to resend the order without any extra costs. That is why it is very important to choose only licensed and reputable pharmacies while placing the order for Klonopin. Do not rush in picking a mail order pharmacy. Take time to verify its authenticity and also review the privacy as well as payment policies before ordering Klonopin from them.

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