Are you unaware of the fact that CBD oil can help with anxiety? or do you still lagging in finding out the best CBD oil for anxiety? Well, I am here to elaborate more on these two questions in your mind. So before we jump into that let us discuss on what is CBD oil in a nutshell.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is nothing but the extraction from cannabis sativa plant which is known to use it for many health benefits. The medical cannabis can be used for several medical conditions by peoples around the world. It is difficult to describe its benefits as it has not been approved. Now CBD oil is gaining its attention from everywhere for its promising wellness and its traits of relieving from pain, anxiety, and depression.

However, CBD oil with less than 0.3 % of cannabinoid does not cause any psychoactive effects on an individual like the cannabis oil with more than that percentage. CBD oil induces calming effect after it interacts with brain chemicals and also induces sleep. It can also be used to deal with symptoms of seizures, insomnia, and depression. Yet, is buying cbd oil legal in all the 50 states of the U.S .is still unclear. However, there are several surveys and polls conducted to know what people are thinking about the legalization of medical cannabis.

CBD oil for Anxiety

cbd oil for anxiety

Anxiety is the natural emotions that one can experience under pressure or in an anxious state. There are several types of anxiety disorder bothers people. For several year CBD oil has been used to treat various types of anxiety problems yet the complete use of CBD oil to treat anxiety is under the research. Over the past few years, cannabis research focuses on determining which CBD oil is good to be used as an effective therapy for anxiety.

As per the study conducted by NCBI, in 2011, about using CBD oil for anxiety, people who have taken the cannabis oil can overcome the symptoms of anxiety very well when compared to the individuals who have taken a placebo. This study was taken with 10 social anxiety patient by giving 5 people with 400 mg of CBD oil and the remaining 5 with placebo. After the success of this study, the thoughts of taking CBD oil to deal with anxiety rationalized the thoughts around the world. In fact, as per the usage statistics, “CBD oil for anxiety” was the most searched term on the internet. This is the solid proof of how modern research on cannabis oil is evolving. If this continues, there is a lot of hope for a medical revolution in curing anxiety and depression.

In the United States, When you buy CBD oil from any supplier, you have to choose between the different categories. The Major two are Crystalline isolate and Full spectrum CBD oil. All the other cannabinoids like THC are removed in crystalline isolate, whereas there will be THC in the certain ratio in the Full spectrum CBD oil.

The other forms of cannabis oil are Pure CBD, CBD oil with THC and CBD hemp oil. It is tough to understand each one and choose the best one, isn’t it?

If so, start figuring out the right dosage for you in prior to choose the best CBD oil.

How to choose the Best CBD oil dosage for anxiety?

Only by taking the right dosage will help you meet the desired solutions. When it comes to choosing the best CBD oil dosage for anxiety, it is highly questionable to seek doctor’s help as it is not an approved medication or prescription medication. However, specialist advice over the dosage will be beneficial.

Every medication reacts differently on each person due to factors like age, weight, BMI, gender, food habits, and environment. Well, CBD oil is also the same. There may be a situation when no two people experience the same result by taking CBD oil for your anxiety. So just follow my thumb rule to choose the best CBD oil dosage which is right for you.

Tip 1:  Start with the lower dose. It will help you to know whether your body accepts CBD oil or not in the first place.

Tip 2: Maintain the dosage strength consistently. Changing the dose from mild to high is dangerous. Be patient if you haven’t experienced any results immediately. Remember it works differently for each individual.

Tip 3:  Note down your dosage cycle to ensure you are not overdosing whether it may be Pure CBD, hemp CBD oil or CBD with no THC.

What are the things important to know before buying CBD oil for anxiety?

What are the things important to know before buying CBD oil for anxietyIt is well understood that you are doubt about picking the best CBD oil for your anxiety. But before that, here there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself.

  1. what types of anxiety disorder that I have?
  2. Do I take CBD oil with THC or no THC?
  3. How much CBD oil should I take on a daily basis
  4. Do I have to take CBD oil for long terms?
  5. Did my state’s law allow me to buy CBD oil online?
  6. Do I concentrate on low price or quality?

Well, you should have answers to those question by now. In fact, you should also have little knowledge of what type of CBD oil that you are going to take. Whenever you are buying CBD oil from any online vendors you would probably get CBD from the hemp plant. As there is the difference between getting CBD oil from the cannabis plants and marijuana plants such as legal restriction, THC level which induces psychoactive effects and all.

Using hemp-based cannabis oil for anxiety will be safe and helpful to meet the desired effects. Whereas using marijuana-based- oil for anxiety will alter the brain chemicals and induces highness when you overdose. So know what are you going to buy?

However, we have given out top 3 list of best CBD oil for anxiety based on our personal experiences with these brands.

Our top 3 picks of Best CBD oil for anxiety

# 1 Vers Naturals

Vers Naturals

Vers Naturals is listed as number one in our top picks. Though they are an emerging CBD oil company from Colorado, they well understood the market and know what is right for the people. They don’t have many varieties in their products catalog yet they sell only pure full spectrum CBD oil that has the traits to relieve anxiety.

All the products from Vers Naturals are third-party lab tested to ensure that the CBD oil for anxiety is not psychoactive in nature and checked for its quality before it is being supplied to the customers.

They offer only pure cannabis oil with a THC level of less than 0.3% for healthy consumption. VersNaturals have been listed as the recommended CBD oil vendor in many reviews.

Ordering CBD oil is hassle-free and easy, it actually saves your time as it involves only a few steps.

The great advantage is that they provide Fast shipping to all the 50 states of the United States and 30 more countries as overseas.

When talking about their price range, it is quite affordable. The price starts at $38 and will go up based on the dosage.

Pick the convenient dose and start treating your anxiety. I recommend this seller as they offer high graded CBD oil in affordable cost.

#2 CBDistillery

The CBDistillery

Another CBD seller from Colorado. They have varieties of CBD oil products not only oil, but there is also tinctures, isolates, powder and so on. It was pretty difficult to choose the right form of CBD product. You can actually look into their review section to know other customers view on the quality of CBDistillery.

They ship into 50 states of the U.S and the price range from $15 for the sample pack and $35 for full spectrum CBD oil. But I am not sure about THC level in their product. Still, as far as I used, I could suggest this vendor when you wanted to buy other forms of CBD oil to treat your anxiety.

#3 Highland pharma

Highland Pharma

Highland Pharma also has wide CBD products. You have to choose the right product for the treatment. They offer Topicals, Capsules, Tinctures, Vape oils, and gummies. Their website is more like providing guidance on using CBD oil for anxiety-like problems. All of their products are processed using CO2 processes & is 100% Caustic Solvent Free.

They only ship to the U.S territories which is disappointing to online buyers from overseas. The starting price of CBD oil is $39.65.

The ordering process is quite familiar, as there are a lot of varieties available it is tough to make the choice. Otherwise, this vendor seems to be the best for CBD vape oil to treat anxiety.

Final Thoughts on choosing the best CBD oil for any anxiety disorder

Well, above are my recommendations and top picks of the best CBD oil for anxiety. Do your own research before you choose any CBD oil vendor. Make sure you choose the right dosage to treat your anxiety prior to finish your ordering process. Go through this complete guide and decide how are you going to make the decision. Well, not all CBD oil works the same for treating anxiety in the different individual. However, detailed research on taking CBD oil really help to pick your own.