Anxiety Treatments : To Help People Suffering from Anxiety

Help anxiety people

Constantly suffer from anxiety? Are often left breathless due to the mental blisters and even physical ones left on its pathway, searching for a cure then you have come to the right place, by reading this I can guide you how to tread the rough waters of anxiety and break out of the surface to let yourself breathe finally.

Before getting into this I would like to say that this is purely oriented towards providing you a relief from anxiety and see the light as I have, there is no commercial benefit I wish to gain from this such as making a sale. I created to help the people who are sick of anxiety and the possible ways to get away from it. And I also going to let you know about CBD oil for anxiety that i have been using it in these recent days.

I would also like to inform you that the diagnosis prescribed is purely based on individuals experience and perception there is no involvement of any doctor’s prescription or other medical expertise so before practicing the below information it is best to consult your doctor.

This is just supporting information you can take into consideration before you get a consultation from someone who holds a medical degree in this subject.

To give you more insight I have also done some research analysis based on information available on this subject so that it’s not based only on my personal experience, I have done my best to understand anxiety from different peoples point of view and also to gain knowledge about the about the best anxiety medications that exists in the market which is not only limited to synthetic medication such as Xanax and other benzodiazepines for anxiety or herbal medication such as CBD oil for anxiety but includes therapeutic treatment such as yoga and exercise as well.

What is Anxiety?

Before going more in-depth on the cure, I would like to start from the basics because the only way anxiety can be cured is to address it from the root of it.

The root problem of anxiety can vary with everyone, but a common disorder is the feeling of constant fear and helplessness and this may cause major symptoms such as panic attack, insomnia, restless mind, cloudiness of thoughts and negative thoughts.

The trouble with anxiety is it doesn’t only affect you mentally but physically as well such symptoms being profuse sweating, dry mouth, shivers and numbness of body. To put it all together anxiety is something which stops us from enjoying a normal contended life and stops us from seeing the silver lining in the cloud. This is what anxiety is according but I am not an expert myself so I have included some experts opinion on their experience and view with anxiety.

Definition of Anxiety in the Medical industry

  1. According to Dr. Thomas A. Richards [1] once a victim of social anxiety but now is Director of the institute which treats social anxiety, who better to understand your social anxiety problems than one who has already been there. According to him, it is a feeling of constant unease and self-conscious which arises due to the fear of being judged around people.
  2. According to Professor Peter Tyrer [2] about 1 to 2% of the population suffer from health anxiety and according to him it is the constant fear of the individual’s health, where they need frequent confirmation from their doctors and family that nothing is wrong with them and Catherine O’Neil who is a service manager at helpline Anxiety agrees with him, the most fear of health is Cancer and HIV.
  3. According to the American Psychological Association Anxiety (APA) [3] is the feeling tension and worry caused due to physical changes experienced by you. They feel that it is important to be able to differentiate from the normal feeling of anxiety everyone feels from a constant state of anxiety.
  4. What is surprising is that even doctors suffer from Anxiety, according to Dr. Susan [4] a surgeon Anxiety was the feeling of constant fear which occurs during a particular situation which takes a physical toll on them such as panic attack and breathlessness.

Anxiety Disorders

There were certain things mentioned before some particular type of Anxiety such as social and health anxiety and their symptoms but here a more in-depth analysis is done on different types of Anxiety disorders and their symptoms. I would like to list down five common Anxiety disorders and their symptoms.

  • Social anxiety– the anxiety caused when surrounded by people, this anxiety can stop you from socializing with people due to the social phobia.

Symptoms: Shyness, Unease around people, avoiding public gatherings, trembling, sweating etc.

  • Obsessive Compulsive disorder- the anxiety is caused due to a recurring thought process which makes you repeat an action again and again.

Symptoms- Cleaning an already cleaned surface, performing a task repeatedly in short intervals.

  • Separation Anxiety- It is what its name it is, the fear of separation, this separation can be from a particular home or location or can even be a separation from a loved one. This is commonly seen in children.

Symptoms: Clinginess to a particular place or person, Physical illness, constant crying, bad dreams.

  • PTST-Post Traumatic stress disorder– Post Traumatic disorder can occur due to a traumatic even it in the past which will have a major impact on the person present by triggering constant fear and flashbacks about the event.

Symptoms– Nightmares, Flashbacks of the traumatic event, Frightened of things which were involved during the time of the even example. A person who suffered through a car accident can be bombarded by fear when trying to get into a car again.

  • Anxiety due to depression- Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between Anxiety and depression, sometimes it may be hard to differentiate because you may be suffering from both. The constant fear can make you sad all the time and this constant sadness can make you worry about the aspects of your life.

Symptoms- Feeling sadness and fear at the same time, suicidal thoughts, Uneasiness.

Available treatment for Anxiety

There are millions who suffer from anxiety every year but out of those millions, there are only few who take steps to treat them self. Why suffer in silence when there is nothing to be ashamed about, self-help is the best help but you don’t have to do it alone there are many medications and therapeutic treatment available, you can choose the most suitable method of treatments for you. I have shared as personal experience with some of these treatments and also my researches.

Therapeutic treatments and physical activities

These kinds of treatments involve making lifestyle changes, exercises, and mental and physical activities to cure your anxiety. There are several activities in this kind of treatment. I have listed down the most common treatment methods.

  • Talk Therapy

This type of therapy gives you an opportunity to share your fears and negative thoughts; by sharing it with a third party helps you understand how this can be resolved by the insight shared by an expert. This talking therapy usually involves talking to a trained professional who can maintain confidentiality and who recommend workable cures.

  • Laughing therapy

Laughter has proven to make some positive changes to a person’s mental health and physical health. This therapy usually involves breathing and body movements with simultaneous laughter; this has proven to have a significant positive impact on a person’s stress and anxiety levels.

  • Yoga

Yoga is an activity which is considered to calm body and mind. Doing yoga has been observed to have an impact on reducing stress and nervousness, that is the reason this has become a popular method to treat anxiety disorders

  • Exercise

Exercising your body makes a huge impact on your mental state. Because body and mind are interlinked. The chemicals which are released during an effective exercise session has said to improve mood and decrease stress levels by changing and controlling blood flow to the brain.

Types of Medication for Anxiety

Natural herbal medication

There are many natural herbal remedies medications which are concocted with ingredients from plants and other naturally occurring properties to cure Anxiety. It is said to have made a significant benefit for many. But there are still ongoing researches to understand the risk and safety factors involved when it comes to using these herbal medicines. Due to the growth of this industry, there are many new herbal medications which arrive in the market frequently. But there are also some risks involved while using this herbal concoction, it is better not to take the chance so it is always advised to consult a doctor before usage.

I have listed down some of the popular herbal medicines, they are:

  • Herbal teas- Herbal teas are found to have a calming effect on a person’s mind; this may help to reduce the anxiety symptoms. Most common anxiety relieving teas being Chamomile tea, Green Tea, Lemon Tea, and Jasmine tea. Not only has their taste, but even their smell is also said to have a strong impact on a person’s senses.
  • Kratom– Kratom is a substance which is produced from Mitragyna speciosaa tropical tree. This is said to have a significant impact on curing anxiety but there are many complexions surrounding this way of medication which will make people more hesitant towards this natural medicine.
  • Essential CBD oil for anxiety- Ingesting and including essential in your daily common activities has made some significant changes to a person’s mental health, such oil being lavender and orange essential oil or you can even go an extra step and use CBD oil (Cannabis sativa plant extract) to cure your anxiety symptoms. CBD has become a popular method for anxiety treatment.

All these methods may be something new for some people; you may have your doubts about their safety and benefits. The only way that can be resolved is by giving it a try.

Synthetic medication

 There are several synthetic medications which have been present in the market for a long time. There are many who prefer synthetic medication to herbal or therapy. There is a certain synthetic medicine which has been personally used by me and there are some I would like to suggest to you based on my research.


Xanax is a medicine which is commonly prescribed for anxiety disorders. Xanax has an effect on your brain by having a calming effect on them but the downfall in using this is it makes your mind so sluggish for you to take in physical activities such as driving, heavy or worst case scenarios some become addicts to this drug. When I started taking these medications I was advised not to drive after taking them because it is not very safe and these medicines and alcohol are not the best buddies so when taking these medicines I strictly put myself off from consuming any.


Buspar is another common medication which is used in the treatment of anxiety, but this effect only lasts for a short period of time. This Buspar has an impact on the brain transmitters which gives out and takes in Anxiety signals. These tablets usually can be taken every day to provide maximum relief. The side effects of taking this medication include lightheadedness, shortness in the breath so it is better to take the monitored prescribed dosage.

Other medications for Anxiety

 Other than the above medication there are several medications available for anxiety. Some of them being. There is some medication which might not work out for some so it is better to know the other options available for you.

Ativan – Ativan is a medication prescribed for anxiety but the relief provided with these lasts only for a short term so generally it is prescribed for daily usage. Taking high doses can cause side effects such as allergies and breathing problems.

Valium – This is again a short-term anxiety treating medication, but the usage of this medication can cause muscle problems and drowsiness for certain people, so it is better to consult your doctor to know whether valium is the right medicine for you.

Trazodone- this medication is an Antidepressant which is usually given to depress anxiety symptoms, this is mostly given to cure anxiety disorder symptoms such as insomnia. The side effects of this drug might be depression for some.

If you want to explore the best medication and natural remedy that I have experienced, then you can go for Medication for anxiety. There I Have explained the best synthetic medication and natural remedy that worked for me.

Side Effects Of Anti-Anxiety Drugs

Before commencing anti-anxiety medication, information about the drug’s likely side effects will help in knowing which out symptoms to watch out for. Potential side effects of anxiety medication are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Drug hangover
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain
  • Sexual dysfunction

Risks of Anti-Anxiety Drugs

Medications for anxiety disorder come with its own group of risks. Consult with your healthcare provider before you self-medicate, change the dosage of drugs, take the drugs for longer than prescribed, or discontinue the medication on your own. Anti-anxiety drugs possess high risk for any of the following issues to develop:

  • Drug tolerance such that higher dosage may be required for the drugs’ effects to be felt
  • Drug dependence when taken for prolonged periods longer than prescribed
  • Withdrawal symptoms when the dosage is reduced or stopped where the body cannot function normally without the drugs
  • Risk of abuse of the drug

Medical professionals can help patients in slowly removing their medication. Other treatment methods must be combined with medication in order to cure anxiety completely. Anti-anxiety medication should be taken with extreme caution in pregnant women, senior people, and people who have drug abuse patterns. The drugs should not be consumed along with alcohol as the risk of adverse effects is higher. Consult your physician if you are taking other medication to prevent drug interaction. With the right combination of therapies, it is possible to treat anxiety disorder.


I hope the above information was able to provide some insight on Anxiety and related topics. I would also like to say all the above information are based on facts gathered during research none of them were convey only due to individuals perspective. These are only supporting knowledge which you can refer before consulting your doctor for treating your anxiety.