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The goal of anxietyonaplate.com is to give awareness and information about the anxiety problems and medications as much as we can provide to the common people who are suffering from anxiety disorder. The situation during an anxiety attack is worst, so thought to help the people with humanity. The information provided in here is based on a real-life struggle or experiences but we cannot assure the effect it varies for each person. It is only for clarification and to give little subject knowledge about the medications. It is highly important to consult and get the right medications from the doctor for your anxiety disorders.

As a fellow human being, I should not ignore other people’s suffering when we can at least provide the basic information regarding medications for anxiety problems. By using this service of the site, you can able to differentiate the medications and other procedure. The Ultimate goal is to aware the people who are facing this problem in day to day life. Sometimes people get tired of these problems and they really get confused to choose the type of treatment.

To remove fear from the people who often tend to think that they are alone in this situation, but they need to see the reality that they are not alone. People who are highly educated also sometimes find it difficult to choose the right way of medications and treatment. Anxiety destroys our normal life but anyone can get over it with the proper help. Children, younger adults and people working in technology sectors found to be affected highly compared to others. Unites States has a large number of anxiety patients compared to other nations. Because of some unforgettable bad memories, children’s are highly suffering from this issue.

Anxietyonaplate.com provides the details regarding types of treatment and how to help our self to get the correct medications. The main point to remember here is that we are not alone in the situation. With the help of the proper procedures, we can live happily without panic attacks. We are not here to refer some company or some products which are available in the market or online. The sole purpose is to describe all the available best medicines with whatever knowledge we are having. Finally, it is your choice to choose the perfect method which is suitable for you with the recommendation of the doctor. Some of the medications are explained in a detailed manner with the effects of the dosage. Sometimes people prefer to use natural methods for the benefits of using without side effects. It completely depends on the individual person’s health and way of living. We are giving an idea to the users for the betterment. In this site, you can find the required details of the treatment methods and medications. It is only made to give the information’s, causes, and difficulties regarding the problem. Before coming to the conclusion, please get the advice from the proper doctor.


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Dr. Carlo CarandangDr.Carlo Carandand, MD

All the articles are medically reviewed by Dr. Carlo Carandand. He has been working as psychiatrist for thr past 21 years. Dr. Carandang has 34 publications and 6 research grants in the areas of anxiety, depression, psychosis, and psychopharmacology. He works as editorial staff for various medical online websites.

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