Means to reduce anxiety without medications

As the causes for anxiety are numerous, so are the treatment methods to help the sufferers of the disorder, overcome it. The affected person must comprehensively know what the reason was that made him or her develop an anxiety disorder and what kind of anxiety disorder are they troubled by. Only by understanding the exact cause can the disorder be tackled as treatment methods vary depending on the kinds of anxiety disorder and the cause of it.

Non-medicinal remedies for anxiety disorder

If an individual has anxiety as a result of environmental causes, like anxiety created by work pressures, relationship problems or familial issues, then that individual must try to sort the anxiety creating problems or make himself capable enough to be unperturbed by the pressures of everyday living. If it is as a result of trauma due to some past negative event, then the affected individual must try to find ways to get over those traumatic events. This can of course not be done by the patient themselves and they will definitely need the assistance of a psychiatrist.

Cognitive Behavioral therapy, family therapy, interventions from friends and of course numerous psychiatric therapies can help a person fight anxiety in a better manner. Facing their fears and overcoming trauma would be their first priority. Making the sufferer understand that their concerns are illogical and negative things need not have to happen all the time is crucial.

Dietary changes can also help, along with regular physical exercises and developing proper sleep habits. Improper sleep as a result of anxiety can make the sufferer feel fatigued, irritated and stressed more than usual. This can ultimately lead to depression which is another tough disorder to cope with. When sleep habits are better developed, then the person can feel much distressed, fresh and will have the physical and mental strength and clarity to cope with anxiety and fears much better.

Yoga, aerobics, meditation and other forms of exercise and relaxation techniques can certainly help in chasing anxiety and panic away. Engaging in activities that an individual is really passionate about and loves doing a lot, has to be taken up by the ones affected by anxiety. Doing what one loves would keep them engaged and make them feel more peaceful, giving a little time for fears and anxiety to develop.

Spending time with loved ones and people who care about an individual is most crucial, as studies show that anxiety and other major psychological disorders occur more in those who lack quality time with the people they are more in tune with and love. Then there are of course medications too that can help bring down anxiety.

Problems in using medications for anxiety disorder

Anxiety primarily occurs due to chemicals imbalances in the brain and these imbalances are fixed byKlonopin or other similar anti-depressants, thereby bringing down anxiety and calming the mind. The problem with medications is that, as effective as they are, they can’t be used over a long period as they can become habit forming. One can’t ignore the risk of side effects and possible interactions with other things consumed by the treated individual. So it is always preferable to follow other means to reduce anxiety and use medications only for short durations if the doctor recommends.