What are the Best Strains of Kratom for Treating Anxiety

Conditions related to anxiety and depression can be devastating in many ways. It can lead to the disruption of the daily routine in many ways putting you in a sober mood. However, if you are someone who is a victim of this condition, there is no reason for you to feel sad. You aren’t alone and this condition has been recorded as a major health condition today with more than millions of people suffering from it. With awareness towards this condition today, lots of medical centers have come up with dedicated anxiety rooms to treat this dreadful condition. Most doctors prescribe drugs and other activities like yoga to suppress the effect of anxiety.

This is where Kratom comes into the picture. Kratom, known as Mitragyna Speciosa contains powerful alkaloids that can treat anxiety effectively or at least reduce the levels by influencing the mood. The alkaloids bind with the opioid receptors of the brain to improve the mood, focus, and concentration in its users. However, Kratom can’t be deemed as the only solution to anxiety, but it can serve as a potent plant drug to alleviate the levels to some extent without any side effects. But with many Kratom strains out there, it is obvious that you land into an ocean of dilemma. But this step is crucial to curbing anxiety since different strains impart different effects. To make it simple and easier for you, we have narrowed down the list of strains that can combat anxiety effectively. These results have been brought to you based on personal research and the collected user reviews. You can best Kratom for sale whenever you search for the Kratom vendors in online.

But we would like to stress on one fact that the effects of Kratom are subjective in nature and hence it is difficult to channel down the best strains out there. However, you could try these strains below and see which one works the best for you.

Red Thai

Most users are huge fans of the Red Thai for obvious reasons. This is because Red Thai tends to impart euphoric and sedating effects on its users. Red Thai Kratom is known to eliminate troubled thoughts and it also spreads a sense of inner calmness. However, the effects of Red Thai seem to be long-lasting and powerful for anxiety, which is contrary to other red strains that promote sedation. It is a bit different from them since it reflects certain effects to curb anxiety without causing sedation.

Yellow Vietnam

Yellow Vietnam strain tends to be moderately stimulating, along with the effects that increase focus and energy. But the sedative properties aren’t that prominent in this strain. Hence, it is a well-balanced strain that works on the anxiety part without putting you to sleep. Once you start using it, you might realize that your mental clarity is enhanced with a balanced onset on mood improvement. The average score of Yellow Vietnam is somewhere near 5.7

Green Malay

You must be well aware that euphoria is one property that reduces anxiety effectively. Green Malay is highly euphoric than other strains scoring 9.5 out of ten. With an average score of 5.8, Green Malay boosts mood with highly energetic properties, without the sense of sedation. The average duration of the effects lasts up to 4 hours, making it a powerful contender to treat anxiety with euphoric effects.

Yellow Sunda

For some users, the above strains might be too much to handle due to the energizing effects of Green Malay and Yellow Vietnam. However, the outcome effects depend on the dosage you intake for your requirements. If you are someone who tends to experience relief from anxiety with sleep or sedative effects, then this strain must be the best choice for you. Yellow Sunda isn’t that stimulating and hence, it has the tendency to provide stress relief through sedation.

Green Bali

Green Bali is the most well-rounded Kratom strain out there. The overall effects of this strain make it the jack of all trades but it is the master of none since it provides a balanced state. It always stands in the middle without imparting any extreme effects. It has the power to produce equal amounts of stimulating and sedative effects. Though the individual preferences might vary, the majority of the users claim that they experience a balanced effect. Along with its ability to depress stress and anxiety, it can also provide mild pain relief as an added advantage.

White Cambodian

It is true that the sedating Kratom strains can be the perfect choice after a long day at work. However, what if you require temporary relief from stress without alleviated motivation levels? Then this strain could work wonders for you. With exceptional stimulating effects than most strains, White Cambodian can also impart mild euphoric effects to keep your anxiety levels in check. Since it has the property of releasing energy at regular intervals; this strain could work well against social anxiety. So if you are someone who is afraid of social interaction, then this strain could be of great help to you.

Hope we have guided you into the right path by narrowing down to this list of best strains that could combat anxiety efficiently. However, after many years of combat, all you need is one drug that could provide you with the much-needed relief. Also, if your condition is so grave and intolerable, don’t hesitate to seek medical help.