Constantly suffer from anxiety? Are often left breathless due to the mental blisters and even physical ones left on its pathway, searching for a cure then you have come to the right place, by reading this I can guide you how to tread the rough waters of anxiety and break out of the surface to let yourself breathe finally. Before getting into this I would like to say that this is purely oriented towards providing you a relief from anxiety and see the light as I have, there is no commercial benefit I wish to gain from this such as making a sale. I created to help the people who are sick of anxiety and the possible ways to get away from it.

I would also like to inform you that the diagnosis prescribed is purely based on individuals experience and perception there is no involvement of any doctor’s prescription or other medical expertise so before practicing the below information it is best to consult your doctor. This is just a supporting information you can take into consideration before you get a consultation from someone who holds a medical degree in this subject.

About me

I am Theona Wilson, and I would proudly say “I am a survivor of Anxiety ”. As a person who has been where you are now, I would like to say something to you, keep fighting anxiety because one day when you are out of this darkness the fight will be worth it. We all deserve to have a great life. To know more about me, I am a single mother of two grownup children and a successful entrepreneur who runs her own clothing line, but my life was not always as orderly as this, I have left in my awake some messed up situations.

After 15 years of married life, when my husband left it felt as if the whole world was crumbling around me since I was a housewife during that time there was the added pressure of financially supporting my kids and me, that’s when it all started, the panic attack, the breathlessness caused because of constant anxiety. The demonic suicidal thoughts started creeping in, but I couldn’t give in because I wanted to go down as the survivor not as a victim and that thought is what brought me one step away from the clutch of Anxiety and depression.

I realized mental illness is also an illness, its not something which only exists in your mind, it’s not an illusion but it is a condition which needs to be addressed with medicine as any other physical illness so when I got a doctor consultation for my anxiety I was prescribed many anxieties fighting synthetic medications such as Xanax, Valium, Ativan and Klonopin which did have some positive effects on curing my anxiety, it helped me to sleep better at night but then there were certain side effects of taking these medications such as the constant fatigue and rashes which use to appear and disappear  so I started searching for a natural herbal cure which produces the same effective results  but with lesser side effects that is when I came upon an article written about CBL oil, a Cannabis plant extract, just as many people out there, I thought it was an illegal drug but all my preconceived notion was dashed to the grounds as I did further research on the oil  and I purchased the oil through online, since most of the vendors clearly mentioned each oils medical usage, I was able to go with the right one  for me and constant and prescribed dosage loosened the clutches anxiety had on me day by day but I won’t lie, it didn’t happen immediately but I am a firm believer that great things in life  take time and that’s when my life changed, it was like, at last, I could think clearly and I started thinking of ways I can kick start the next chapter of my life which makes me glad to have taken the CBD road along with two other cannabis partners.

Why was created?

As a survivor of Anxiety I didn’t want to keep this cure to myself, I felt like if I kept it myself it will be a crime against humankind, so I wanted to a medium to be able to communicate to other people who are suffering from anxiety and give them hope that there is a better life out there where everything is clear and beautiful and to get to that place you owe it to yourself to try your utmost and treat yourself to the cure which will change your life to better days. Anxietyonaplate is the medium I chose to reach out to people who suffer from anxiety. By sharing information about Anxiety and CBD I hope that you will get an idea on how it can help and to remove the misconception which may exist within you.

What is Anxiety?

Before going more in-depth on the cure, I would like to start from the basics because the only way anxiety can be cured is to address it from the root of it. The root problem of anxiety can vary with everyone, but a common disorder is the feeling of constant fear and helplessness and this may cause major symptoms such as panic attack, insomnia, restless mind, cloudiness of thoughts and negative thoughts. The trouble with anxiety is it doesn’t only affect you mentally but physically as well such symptoms being profuse sweating, dry mouth, shivers and numbness of body. To put it all together anxiety is something which stops us from enjoying a normal contended life and stops us from seeing the silver lining in the cloud.

The common victims of Anxiety

If you are suffering from anxiety, know that you are not alone. There are many things in a person’s life which may cause them anxiety, it can either be past events or even their occupation and daily routine. The demands and stress of workplace have been said to be a major contributor for anxiety such as people who work in the emergency sector, a corporate world such as business and IT and students who are stressed with their studies makes them a victim of anxiety at an early age. Anxiety can also be a phobia some people have from a young age due to an incident which has left a lasting effect on them.

Anxiety in the USA

People all around the world suffer from anxiety but according to a recent statistic the people who suffer from anxiety are much higher in the country of United States of America, most of them being older adults in their 40, this is not to say that it has entered the world of the younger generation, even they suffer from anxiety, I guess that is the price humans have to pay for evolving. According to a statistic given by National Institute of Mental Health, it was said that anxiety effects 10 million people every year but not all of them receive treatment. The statistics showed that 19.1% of adults and an approximate of 31.9% of adolescent suffer from anxiety suffer from anxiety in the year 2018.

Anxiety Treatments

There are millions who suffer from anxiety every year but out of those millions, there are only few who take steps to treat them self. Why  suffer in silence when there is nothing to be ashamed about, self-help is the best help but you don’t have to do it alone there are many medicines which is prescribed for anxiety such as Xanax ,Valium, Ativan and Klonopin, since I have used these medicines I do have some  insight into the positive effect and the negative side effect of these medicines, these medicine are relatively  safe when taken in the prescribed dosage, these medicines calms your mind and quietens the noise of anxiety in your brain  and helps you to catch up on your sleep which you missed during your constant battle with anxiety  but one side effect of using these synthetic medicine is the constant drowsiness and fatigue I experienced while taking them which made me  unable to take part in any physical activity, when I started taking these medications I was advised not to drive after taking them because it is not very safe  and these medicines and alcohol are not the best buddies so when taking these medicines I strictly put myself off from consuming any.

The other issue with taking  synthetic medicine is some of them are not recommended for older adults  so after knowing the various effects if you are a  person who would rather take the natural route, then CBD oil is the right choice for you, with its natural properties and proper monitored dosage this will be a suitable Armor for you to wear for your fight against anxiety, even though it didn’t have very noticeable effects in the beginning, it slowly started working and they were also long-lasting positive impacts  but before taking this route it is best advised to consult your doctor and after careful consideration  if you have decided to take this route then  below I have given a list of trustworthy vendors from whom you can procure the CBD oil from but those suggestions are only from my perceptions and rest of the research done from my side, you are free to research on other sources and reach your own conclusion.

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